13 Types of Blonde Hair to Try RN

If you’re considering going blonde (read up on how to hydrate hair after bleaching, for one), or if you’re just dipping into a different shade of blonde, there are endless options to choose from.

All the types of blonde hair have their own unique tone, shade, and hue that complement skin undertones and hair textures quite differently. Not to mention, once you’ve chosen the type of blonde hair you’d like, explaining the correct hue and shade can be challenging–like warm vs cool, ash vs. icy, and caramel vs. honey.

Below we’ve gathered just about every different type of blonde you could imagine for your deciding needs.

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13 Types of Blonde Hair

Going blonde or even slightly changing up your blonde tone is daunting enough in the salon chair, let alone when you need to perfectly explain your dream shade to your stylist. With reference photos below, you’ll be able to use key descriptors to help you explain the types of blonde hair you really want. And maybe even get some inspo while you’re here!

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Ash Blonde Hair

This shade of blonde has quickly become one of the most searched blondes in the past 5 years. With a complexion-brightening undertone of silver and gray, it’s a crowd favourite for lots of different skin tones. It has a cool, ashy tone that’s perfect for those who want a low-maintenance look too. Now shop our ash blonde halo.

Dirty Blonde Hair

The classic mix of brown and blonde highlights, dirty blonde hair is that uber natural shade that works on just about everyone because it adds blonde in with highlights and lowlights as opposed to a full wash of bleach. Dirty blonde hair has a slightly darker base with subtle highlights throughout, which can add depth and dimension to your hair too! Now shop our dirty blonde halo.

Dark Blonde Hair

This blonde shade is a deeper and richer blonde compared to dirty blonde hair, but it’s still perfect for those who don’t want to go too light. Dark blonde hair uses warm tones that bring out the golden undertones in your skin. If you have naturally dark hair and are looking to go blonde, dark blonde is a great place to start.

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Strawberry Blonde Hair

Strawberry blonde hair is the one everyone wants, but doesn’t work on everyone. With a reddish hue, it’s a super unique take on blonde and can sometimes veer more red than a type of blonde hair. A true strawberry blonde hair shade has a mix of blonde and red tones, which can add warmth to your complexion. It’s best for those with fair, cool or neutral skin tones as the light, warm red best counteracts the cool tones in pale skin. Now shop our strawberry blonde halo.

Platinum Blonde Hair

One of the most loved types of blonde hair: platinum blonde hair is a bright, almost-white shade that’s sure to turn heads. It has a cool tone that can complement just about any skin tone because you can slightly alter the warmth or cool tones and it’s still very much in the platinum blonde hair category. But, bleacher beware: this the most high maintenance of blondes, but has a stunning, dramatic look that is TBH kinda worth it. Now shop our platinum blonde halo.

Honey Blonde Hair

Among the different types of blonde are a class of warm, golden-toned shades that ar super natural looking, but don’t work for everyone unfortunately! Honey blonde hair has a warm, honey-like hue that’s great for those who want a natural-looking blonde and have warm tones in their skin. Because it has a mix of blonde and brown tones, it can add amazing depth and dimension to your hair, but can wash you out if you’re pale or have cooler tones in your skin. Now shop our honey blonde halo.

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Light Blonde Hair

This shade is a classic, bright blonde that’s perfect for those who want a youthful, fresh type of blonde hair. Light blonde hair usually has a neutral to warm tone so it’s kind to most complexions. It has a mix of blonde and yellow tones as well, so if you’re looking to get extensions that brighten up your current shade that may not be light blonde itself, this brings a great brightening balayage that works with most blondes and light browns.Now shop our light blonde halo.

Golden Blonde Hair

For a different type of blonde hair than those cool or icy platinums, try golden blonde. Golden blonde hair is a warm, golden hue that’s perfect for those who want a sun-kissed look. It has a mix of blonde and yellow tones, but with a definite warm undertone which can add warmth to your complexion. If you have a medium skin tone and are looking to brighten up your hair, golden blonde hair might be the perfect choice for you. Like honey blonde hair, this shade is quite warm and might not bode well with pink or cool undertone skin.

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Silver Blonde Hair

Booming in popularity like ash blonde hair, silver blonde has blown up in the last few years as well! Asking for silver blonde hair means a cool, silvery tone that’s more trendy and edgy compared to ash blonde. It has hints of gray and white in it which can create a striking contrast against your skin.

White Blonde Hair

This blonde shade is a bright, almost platinum shade that has a cool, white tone to it as opposed to silver or the yellows found in that classic Hollywood platinum. White blonde hair is definitely high-maintenance: it requires more regular touch ups and toning than the other types of blonde hair so bleach with caution on this one.

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Blonde Brown Hair

Kind of like dirty blonde hair with less bright highlights, this blonde shade has a mix of blonde and light brown tones that create a very natural-looking, multi-dimensional effect. Blonde brown hair is a great option for those who want to go blonde without straying too far from their natural color. If you have a warm skin tone and are looking for a subtle change, blonde brown hair is likely a great option to talk to your stylist about. Now shop our blonde brown halo.

Caramel Blonde Hair

Back to those sweet, dessert-y types of blonde hair, this blonde has a warm, well, caramel tone that’s perfect for those who want a rich, luxurious looking blonde. Caramel blonde hair has a mix of blonde and warm, light brown tones, which can add warmth and dimension to your hair. If you have a medium to warm skin tone and are looking for all the glamour of a platinum without the toning (and $$$) headaches, caramel blonde is a fabulous choice.

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Creamy Blonde Hair

For a much gentler platinum, ask for creamy blonde hair. This shade has a soft, creamy tone that’s perfect for those who want a subtle, natural-looking blonde while still being super bright and eye-catching. Creamy blonde hair has a mix of blonde and light, buttery tones, which can create a warm, honey-like effect that looks like you have some Scandinavian in your bloodline. For both light and dark skin tones, creamy blonde is very complementary because of these warm, buttery undertones that are subtle enough to add dimension throughout without ever looking like highlights. Now shop our creamy blonde halo.

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